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Sunday, November 28, 2010

One holiday down....

One obligatory Thanksgiving picture:   Garret was sound asleep...the beer bottle was added by someone who shall remain nameless, but he was so zonked--and this was before we ate dinner--that even several camera flashes didn't disturb him. 

Okay, I lied--one more picture.  Everyone knows I don't cook anymore...well, like for the last 25 years, but I do make the twice-baked potatoes on Thanksgiving.    Oh, maybe I should find the picture of the turkey to give Matthew equal billing for all his hard work...

 So now I'm up to 3 pictures from Thanksgiving.  He glazed the turkey with reduced apple cider which was pretty, but too much work and unnecessary.
 I took the weekend off from creating more for the art shows, which also means quieting my head from designing the next project.  I shopped instead!  I went to the gem and jewelry show on Friday when everyone else seemed to be heading to the malls, though bought less than usual.  I only want unique beads I don't already have or things I need to finish projects, like spacers.  I did buy myself two presents--a rose-gold chain and a pair of Helenite dangling earrings that are a vibrant, gorgeous green.   I rarely do that since I make jewelry--duh--but both were irrestible. 
 Yesterday I did my annual shop-till-you-drop in SF at the Concourse, one of my favorite things to do.  Lennie came with me, and she was a good shopping buddy.  If there had been a test, she would have gotten an A.  But I no longer do any grading....  and that's what I am most grateful for this year--being retired from a 35-year career and allowing my brain to play and create art in the form of textiles and jewelry as the mood strikes me. 

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