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Saturday, August 27, 2011

And so it goes....Bruce's send-off

  My old boyfriend from high school and continuing dear friend till his death has been gone since 2008.  He and I maintained our connection, though admittedly, I didn't realize how sick he was or what his life had become until after his death.  I've talked to his brothers, and none of us really knew how bad things had gotten.   I hate the expression, "He's at peace now," but I can say at least he's no longer suffering.
     I read Kris Radish's book Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral several years ago and told Bruce's brother and SIL Dennis and Joyce about it.  They loved the idea of leaving ashes in special places, and I volunteered to take some to Napa.
 Matthew and I had a weekend trip planned to Napa last week for Judith and Larry's 50th annivesary party (which was phenomenal and fun), so it was a perfect time to take Bruce's ashes and send him on his way in a place he loved.  We drove over to where his brother Steve used to live and got as close to the pond as possible without getting caught.  I felt good about leaving part of him in Napa and know he would have loved it too.  
 I've told many people about that book, yet I realize I haven't planned where I want my ashes taken.  Hmm...something to ponder.  I sure as hell don't want to end up on a mantle in an urn, not that anyone wants me there.   I will go with the wind....
  So enough of this line of thinking.  I've been doing my creative things lately--more jewelry and some weaving.  I wove two rayon chenille scarves this week using the vareigated warp and plain weft for a subtle stripe.  The first one off the loom came out great; the second one had a weird twist in it while drying and unfortunately, I kept messing with it, so ended up tearing the end a bit.  I'll sew it so it won't unravel, but hope to remember next time to just let it be. 
 I tried to take before and after pictures--the chenille on the loom as it's woven and feeling stiff, then after it's wet-finished and dried in the dryer...and comes out like butta. 
 These first two shots show them on the loom, then

This is the finished product, the first one coming out perfectly and the second my weird-ass glitch...

 The twist in the dryer made no sense to me, but ended up with it being sort of interestingly mottled.  But since I didn't like what I was seeing, I tried basting the ends to see if they'd stay down, then got frustrated when it didn't work and ripped it out....
thereby ripping the fabric of the piece.  Crap.  Oh, could that have been the result of my controlling nature?  Nice to know it can still rear its ugly head now and then to remind me....just let it be.

  Time to get out the sewing machine and stitch it across so it doesn't make a bigger mess. 
  Last night was Bad Art Night at Laura's again.  I love going since it's a time to play with art and socialize while doing it.  We all do something different, which is fun to see too.  Chris was drawing and experimenting; Barbara was coloring her tarot cards...

 Laura was making some interesting pomanders using a flower punch and styrofoam balls....

And I was back doing decoupaged treasure boxes....

  This one is still in progress....a new use for Thomas' maps as the background.  The floral pictures are from the deYoung's exhibit from the Bouquets to Art.   I've done quite a few now, and even put prices on them, bu so far, no one at LaNebbia has shown an interest.   Doesn't matter....they're great for carrying my jewelry to the shows.
  Next on my agenda is to weave some cocoon jackets since fall is approaching and along with it, more shows.   Though I do have something on the loom I want to get to first...I dyed some yarn last year that I pulled out yesterday, then also gathered yarns Edelle sent me.  Check out these colors and let's see what I can come up with:

The hand-dyed is in the center with purples, oranges, magenta...and Edelle's are on the left.  The ribbon on the right is something I had in my stash.  I have time to start something today...I wonder how it would work to do a cocoon in all those colors and textures? 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Earring Technique for Me....

I bought a bunch of chain to make bracelets, but felt some of it wasn't strong enough to wear on the wrist, so last night I turned some of it into earrings.  I LOVE the new style--now I'll be frenzied to make more for this Sunday's show at La Nebbia! 
In the meantime, I'm having a sale on other earrings to make way for more.  I'll have the sale on my website and also at the show this week....all earrings $20 and 2 pairs for $38.
 The new style will sell for $30 each and vary in length.  More to come!
2" long

3" long

2 1/4" long