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Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting ready for Open Studios

This weekend is Open Studios on the coast, which means I'm crazily (is that a word) creating jewelry and textiles for the event.  I recently got inspired to use the chain I bought for bracelets in some necklace designs.  The second one is much heavier, and it will be interesting to see how people react to's funky and such a statement piece.  Sometimes my work takes a certain personality to wear it--bold and confident and not afraid to be different.  I should have said unique...sounds saner.

  I did add an interesting variety of beads to this and the charm at the bottom says "dream."
I also finally added new scarves to my website.  I've been very remiss in updating the site, and I don't work very hard to sell from it.  Maybe this year I'll try for a few things to see if they sell.  I like the creation part more than the business end. 
Here I've combined my crocheted wire with the Italian mesh I bought last year in Florence. 

And I've woven rayon scarves without the chenille...they're soft and have what weavers call a great 'hand' but not as soft as chenile:. 
Stripes of hand-dyed chenille in many colors on one scarf

Variegated yarn with a solid weft.

Stripes in greens in a vertical direction