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Friday, June 7, 2013

Empathy for Willie Loman

 I had an appointment yesterday to show my work to a woman who's in charge of a gift shop at a new art museum.  She has limited space and only wanted to see a few things.  Since I weave, knit, and make jewelry, I wanted to show her more just hoping she'd find it interesting enough to market.  She did not.
  She did take two woven scarves--one of the gorgeous turquoise metallic and beaded scarves and one rayon rose-colored.  She liked the woven and felted purses, but wants them in the fall when she'll make room for them.  No jewelry.  And I made a new piece just to bring in for her to see.

  I know I sound a little whiny, but I can't help it.  After being rejected by the first juried show I entered, my ego is a bit deflated.  Plus, I've given out the information to other artists in my group, and their work is all over the gift shop.   I seem to be very good at promoting and helping others, but not so good for myself.
 Here's one of the pieces she took to sell:  And I dropped the price according to her wishes for what she thought her market could handle.  Hmm.

 Willie Loman indeed.
  Then I decided since I was on the road hacking my wares, I should stop at the store Nancy told me about and show my work to the owner there.  She liked what I do, but as far as the crocheted wire jewelry, she already carries S's knitted wire, so it's too close to have both.  That didn't seem to matter to the store owner that carries my jewelry--I was already in there for awhile when she added the same knitted wire work as well.  It is a different price-point and doesn't look identical, but this store felt loyal to the other artist, which I can appreciate, but which still frustrated me.  She also liked my woven scarves, but since she carries $20 scarves, says it's not something most of her customers would buy, except as a special gift at the I should bring them back later in the year.   It's a cute store, but possibly not the right place for my work.
 So Willie headed home.
 The bottom line is I really dislike having to sell my work to stores.  I'm not good at it.  I could sell someone else's work--it's depersonalized when it's not your own.  
 Tonight is the reception for CoCA at Coastal Arts League.  I have 2 pieces entered--one scarf and one necklace.  I'm hoping for a fun event...