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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Confrontation that Could Have Gotten Ugly...if I Wasn't a Lady

 My friend who was visiting from out of town and I went to the Strawflower shopping center for yogurt, had not even passed the woman's  place of business when she burst out of her door and said hello then continued past us.  She asked if Ingrid--blondish, blue-eyed Swede--was my daughter.  Oh, she (Ingrid) just turned 64 on Thurs.  I was so stunned by the question, I couldn't even answer.  Anyway, I went into the bathroom at Brazzleberry, and when I came out, the "business woman" was walking in the door saying, "Oh there she is."  Came up to me:
 A:  Will you do my a favor?
 P(me):  What's that?
 A:  Take me off that list.
 P. Okay.
  A:  I don't know any of those people; I don't know if they come into my shop or not and if they're members of that group.  And YOU JUST WALKED RIGHT BY AND DIDN'T EVEN COME IN!  I don't need this--I'm in this alone here.
 P:  Okay, fine.  I'll do that.
So for one thing, we hadn't even passed her shop, so how could she know I was going to walk right by.   She doesn't even know how many stories I've heard about how she cries and complains and carries on to her customers, which is one good reason I haven't returned.  Mostly, however, I just don't get down to HMB to shop at all.  
We do know I won't be going to her store ever again.  I was happy to take her off the artists' list.  I have supported her by introducing her to people, recommending her store to knitters I know, and even buying beads I didn't need when she was at the farmer's market.  Nice thanks I got with her in my face crabbing at me.  
I can't believe I'm now up to THREE stores I boycott on the coast because of bad businesswomen...thank goodness for online books and yarn shops.