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Friday, May 20, 2011

Shows, lunches, dinners, life

 I'm not complaining about my life--I have it easy and appreciate every minute.  I get up when I want, go to bed when I want, have friends I enjoy, love being retired and being creative, and have much less stress than I did in my earlier years.  Oh, and then there's my marriage, which I think is stronger than ever.
 I have eliminated a few negative people from my life, which isn't always easy to do, but sometimes necessary.  And I have new friends I've met through my artisit endeavors who have common interests.  I think the hardest thing is keeping up with people and stayng in touch. 
  We were in Ashland last week and saw three good plays--well, one was more than good; it was a great play.  August:  Osage County by Tracey Letts was such a strong play about family issues--the idiosyncratic complexities of one family that represent parts of all our family dynamics.  It was 3.5 hours long, but with 2 intermissions, which was excellent.  I usually fall asleep as soon as the play starts (if only I could knit during the play, I'd have no problem staying awake), but I didn't sleep at all during this one.  Maybe the iced coffee during the first intermission helped a little too.  I highly recommend seeing this play in Ashland.  The actors couldn't have been better chosen for their roles.
 Ashland in the spring---

  Now that we're home again, I have to get ready for the twice-monthly shows at LaNebbia Winery, which is only stressful because I have to deal with the tent setup and take-down.  Julian helps with the setup, and for the first show, I had 3-4 women help me after it ended.  I hate asking for help and relying on others, but can't do it myself.   I didn't sell much at the first one and am hoping things pick up with each show.   When I was in Carmel, I saw a cool bracelet and decided I could make them, so this is my new bracelet series:

mini Swarovski pearls

 We have a Giants game tomorrow night...I think it's the only one we have tickets for this year.  Start time is 4:10, so we're going to Delancy Street for dinner afterwards.  I'll take my knitting...always keeps me interested in following the game.