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Friday, May 1, 2015

Show Time!

  One of my goals for this year was to do at least one show "over the hill" and off the coast.  It's easy to do an art show near where one lives--even though it still means schlepping your work and displays out of the house, but being farther away, particularly on the peninsula, means expanding your clientele to a broader range of people.  And for me, most of the shows I've done in the past couple of years have been in my own studio/home.
  I was so thrilled all my displays, linens, textiles, jewelry, hats fit into my new car!  When I bought the Mazda, I was under pressure to get rid of the Prius that had a major stressful issue, and I didn't think about carrying lots of long displays.  I love driving this car and now it's even more perfect because everything fit.  I was reminded of how Annette and others used to call my old Honda the "clown car" because I just kept unloading more and more out of it like it was bottomless.  I felt like that again yesterday.
 So I am all set up and happy with how it looks.   I'm next to the stone fountain at Amazing Yarns, which is a magical place with lots of greenery.    I love my new hat rack and the crazy jewelry display using another of Aubrey's wooden stands looks great.  I'll be curious to see if it attracts people since so many pieces are hanging together.  I've also lowered the price on many of the crocheted wire necklaces hoping to reduce inventory.  
Woven bracelets are on the table along with the one choker I made in the same style.  I want to make more choker-style necklaces --need to take a photo of the one I did since it's a one-of-a-kind right now.  Here's just a sampling bracelets I've made so far.  
Yes, I am obsessive when I learn something new.  The first step--admitting your addiction.   Second step--buy more beads.

Show info:   5 artists at 2559 Woodland Place in Emerald Hills/Redwood City
Sat/Sun May 2 & 3 
3 artists at 238 Palma St.  El Granada
Sat/Sun May 16 & 17