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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April showers means more time for art!

Last week was a busy one and since I rarely take time to blog, but have been documenting with my camera, thought I could sit and at least label where I've been and with whom.  On Friday, after my Zumba class, Matthew and I met Julian, Sara, and the 3 kids at Tres Amigos in HMB for dinner.  I hadn't seen them in awhile since I've missed a couple of evenings when they've gone for dinner and I've been elsewhere.  They're still looking for a place to live, so hopefully something will turn up this week. 

Lincoln has the BEST appetite and it shows!

Then I headed to Laura's for Bad Art Night.    I really enjoy the energy of this group--everyone works on something different...whatever inspires her.  Shannon, Laura, and Sally have been making quilts to send to Japan for a couple of weeks.  Here's Laura with one of hers.
 Beverly was just starting a wire sculpture that night, so I documented her process throughout the evening.

My dear friend Kelly McGrew came from over the hill to join us for the first time.  She's working on a crochet project, but I managed to get her picture as she was heading out the door.

 I've worked on knitting a felted hat and flower for Penny:

And I've also done some Kumihimo braiding and even some simple beading when there.  I have an idea for the next one which started brewing just today.  It has to do with old cigar boxes......

Lately I've been working on a series of necklaces using either baroque shaped freshwater pearls or gemstones in large chips.  Last week, I sold three pieces!  I was very excited since I only took them to two meetings.  The one below, which sold Thurs. night, is yellow jasper or agate--it would be nice if I could remember those details, but it's not meant to be.