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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

She stepped right out of Fiber Arts Magazine

Maggie's in the center--I read about her project, previously mentioned here, on Found Objects, which Leann and I have been doing for a few months.  Maggie lives in AZ and emailed me she'd be in the area, so I invited her to bring her family to Blue Sky when we're knitting on Tues. morning.  I placed a sweater there, so the group shot is on Maggie's blog.  I love how technology works to bring people together. 
  I've been busy with projects lately and even set up a gallery walk when our good friends Larry and Judith came over.  They're always interested in what I'm working on, so t was fun to display everything in my loom room studio.   I've done a few new necklaces, which were long overdue.  I had hit a roadblock recently, so was happy I made it over the hurdle.

I love this one for's mostly fresh water pearls in those odd shapes, which look like leaves.  I feel like this piece deserves a name--something about spring.....

I don't think this picture does this justice--I like it better when I can take the photos outdoors, but the rain has prevented that right now.  I took the knitted bead, added a Kumihimo braid, then strung another necklace with just seed beads to twirl the two together.  I really like the effect and might have to redo the others I've done. 
Another crocheted wire beaded necklace with multiples of color and types of beads.  But my project base isn't limited to jewelry:

I love these felted working on a third one right now in purple.  I've also been knitted the flowers for them...I make the flower first, then make a hat to go with it.  Not sure how most would do it, but I think that's backwards.  Figures.... never one to swim with the group.
 I've also made one new cocoon and tried it without mohair.  I'm happy with the results and even remembered to add my business name tag.  This one is a lightweight merino in blue and teals, but the blue is predominant.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tiny sweaters for the homeless

 I should have written about this a long time ago...although I guess it hasn't really been that long that I've been involved.  I read about Maggie Leninger in Fiber Arts Magazine who is knitting tiny sweaters, then adding a label to each saying the person who finds this should please make a donation to the National Coalition for the Homeless.  It's called Found Objects and connects art to creating a difference in the world.  I didn't say that very well, but hopefully my point is understood. 
 I've done 4 sweaters so far. 
Pictures are sent to Maggie who posts them on her blog.  We explain why we placed them where we did and she sometimes adds her own comments.  I've placed them in a planter in front of Savvy Skirts in Prinecton, at Blue Sky Farms where we meet to knit and have coffee or breakfast weekly, on a magazine table in my doctor's building, and on the table at our local post office.  You can see them blog at  If you're a knitter, join in--Maggie will send you the labels to pin onto the sweaters. 
 Now that I've offically missed Pilates, I'd better get myself down to the stairmaster before I meld into this chair even more....