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Monday, November 8, 2010

Open Studios in 5 days

 I'm still making things like a crazy woman, but I just added another show to the mix--actually TWO more in Dec, so I have to keep working.  I enjoy what I do, so it's not like a job; it's just that it's crunch time.  Last night I made some earrings, finished a Kumihimo necklace, wove another cocoon jacket to be finished later today, and then laid out beads for 5 bracelets and about 7 pairs of earrings.  Those await me later today or tonight.
 Today I'm meeting my friend Judith at Happy Feet for a massage.   We're on our second card with them--for $100, we get 5 "foot" massages, though they really do the whole body.  If you're slow on math, that's a mere $20 per massage, not including tip.  This one is more for my mind than my body--calm down, slow down, breathe, enjoy the trip.
 Last night we had Marianna over for pizza to celebrate her birthday.  My stepson Julian was also here--he eats here 3-4 nights a week since he returned to the coast last month.  Marianna had us in stitches describing the kids she babysits, especially the 5-year old.  I want to encourage her to write a blog about him--she could get a sitcom based on it--&$@(*# the kid says.....  Oh yeah, that's been done.
 Pizza was particularly good--all vegetarian in honor the the birthday girl.  Caramelized onion and gorgonzola (my fave), olive tapenade and artichoke hearts, goat cheese and pesto.  Oh, I don't think I got them right--maybe goat cheese with the tapenade and pesto with something else.  Whatever, they were delicious..
 Off to Happy Feet to get happy....

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