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Friday, January 23, 2015

   Out for a walk in the new Habitat area, exploring and meeting neighbors.  There's a cul-de-sac above us that isn't developed, but obviously people have discovered it.  I thought this was a great "art installation."  Unfortunately, there was also garbage dumped up there as well.  The property is divided into lots, some of which have power and some have water ready for homes to be built, but we've heard that they started subdividing that parcel in 1979, so luckily they're in no hurry to sell off each lot.
  We met more neighbors.  This couple is around the corner from us, and she has been decorating her yard with both artificial and real flowers.  The silk flowers are because she wants color during the winter, but also they're guaranteed not to be eaten by the many deer.  She's planted a thousand bulbs of daffodils and more in her yard, plus added many bird baths (I think she said 7) and bird houses to attract them.  She said the deer drink out of the baths, then nap in her backyard.  I'm getting a bird bath!
  They filled us in on dealing with deer and trying to maintain a garden...and gave us new food for thought.  We know now we'll need to do more research before starting anything here.  We exchanged email and phone numbers--everyone here helps each other out (like helping an elderly woman who's now widowed get her garbage cans out to the road) and keeps an eye on everyone's property for problems.    They already had heard we were from the Bay Area and were only up part time, so I imagine we've been discussed and will be even more now that they know more about who we are and what we do.  I actually like the small-town feel here and that people watch each other's backs.  We've been watching "Breaking Bad," so all I can say it's a good thing we're not drug dealers!
  Trying to show the changing seasons.  It was foggy here (what?  f***ing fog in Sonora??) on a couple of mornings, but it cleared off and was sunny later....unlike the coast.  The trees have lost many leaves, most of which are still on the ground waiting for someone to blow them away.  Matthew has done that a bit with the new leaf blower my brother-in-law so thoughtfully gave us for Christmas.  He's discovering what a big and painful job that is.

   This was on the property--great skull to decorate the stump.  Another art installation!