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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Rants--found objects in odd places, odd people and what they do on the road, odd losses

  I've decided to carry my camera with me more often because you just never know.  Last week I had a fun afternoon in a friend's art studio in Princeton, and as I was leaving, Connie noticed two pineapples sitting across the street.  I know it sounds like the beginning of a joke...Two pineapples were sitting across the street from an art studio and one says to the other....  So, no joke and they weren't talking, at least not to us.  Where did they come from and why did someone just leave them there?  So odd.

Didn't take them home; didn't eat them.  Just left them there for others to also ponder.  
 The next day, I'm on my way over the hill and there's a woman, maybe in her 30's, behind me in a Mercedes.  At the stop signal to turn left onto hwy 92, she pulls off her shirt and is left in what looked like a black bra.   The light changed before she could maneuver into another shirt, so onward she drove all the way up 92.  She passed me at one point, so when we stopped at the light at the water, she finally was able to finish getting dressed.  I didn't think about getting the shot till after we'd started driving again, so this was all I got:
Too bad I didn't think about my camera sooner...but still was pretty funny watching her antics.   And they worry about using cell phones in the car.  
  The following day I was on my way to a friend's so passed through Princeton again and there was a Peruvian food truck parked and serving.  On my way home, I stopped and ordered a lomo saltado, which is beef strips, onions, french fries, and lettuce on a perfect roll, which is advertised as being specially made for them.  The sandwich had just the right amount of spicy sauce and a delicious combination of ingredients.  I've been thinking about finding them again soon.  Turns out they're owned by the owner as La Costenara, a Peruvian restaurant that's nearby on the coast.  I had JUST gotten a Groupon for dinner there the day before!  Nice odd coincidence, if ya ask me.  

 Dropped in on my mom yesterday after an visit to Costco to bring her some things.    I used to always see Lois as soon as I got off the elevator.  Her favorite spot was to sit in these comfy chairs next to her apartment, but in the corner of the hallway.  She would always greet me and often comment that Mom's weekly soup was on the way.  She stopped sitting there sometime this past year, but her apartment door was almost always open and I could hear the TV.  I noticed yesterday that although the door was open, no TV and her place was empty with drop cloths in the entryway.  Mom told me she died about a month ago.  There's really nothing odd about dying--we're all going to get there eventually--but when you get used to seeing someone in a spot and suddenly she's no longer there, then gone for good, you can't help but recognize that as a loss, odd because I really didn't know her.  I'll always be reminded of her when I see those chairs.
   Goodbye, Lois.  
  And one last thing about death...Mom says when someone dies there(she lives in senior housing), people will say what a shame it is, and she says, "No it isn't.  Lucky them!"  Hell, most of them have lived 80-90-100+ years.  Death and taxes.....


  1. What a great observation about the pineapples, and how fun to carry a camera around with you to record things. (I sometimes change in the car, but hope no one notices!)

  2. Oh now you're in for it, Laura....I'll be on the lookout with my camera nearby! Actually, I've been known to change in the car, but I'm not driving when I do it.

  3. You are very clever and observant!!! Love this blog post!!! Thanks for the smiles, even the reference to Lois. Very touching....
    Not sure how to post this so I may look like Anonymous but it's Laura J!

  4. What fun to read! Thanks. Ditto above poster about Anonymous. Connie Elliot