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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Musings on Open Studios

 I've been writing this blog in my head since last week.  Why is it that many people can be involved in something, but only a small few do all the work?  And what is it about those few that keeps them going when others just show up for the fun part? 
 I guess this has always been my nature, until I get tired of being the idea person and workhorse, then walk away.  I did that at work when any new program was introduced--I was always the one to offer to try it (mentoring 2 times, advisor to new teachers, grade level advisor, creator and sole planner of Enrichment Day at the elementary school), when I moved to the coast I started a chemo cap knitting group in my home, which lasted a few years until I got tired of never knowing how many were going to show up, and now I've started this artists' group, which is up to 55 members, 23 of whom participated in the Open Studios and 3 1/2 of whom did the work.  Actually, we had two halves, so that could be considered 4.
 I realize we didn't know what we didn't know so it was hard to delegate some of the responsibility, but I did try.  I had 3 people in charge of advertising, for example, and one started working on the flyer, but had to stop when she left town, and only one other volunteering to get the poster done, though we needed help with how to proceed.  Thank goodness Doug picked up the ball and ran with it; otherwise, nothing would have gotten done.  Only a few people took posters and passed them out to businesses and who knows how many ran the flyers to give out or even emailed them out.  Communication seems to have broken down in this group--I feel like I always have to ask and not getting much back.
  Someone suggested we do the Open Studios in May when we debrief this one, I want to be prepared to list everything that's needed to get done for it and have it understood we all share the work.  I'm not so sure I'll use my home for it again since I had hardly any traffic from the signs and posters.  Almost everyone who attended here came because they knew the artists.
 I did sell some weavings--one red shawl that I had a hard time parting with and two short cocoon jackets--which are like shawls with sleeves.  I priced them pretty inexpensively, considering most handwoven garments sell for much more.  But I'd rather see someone wearing and enjoying what I make than have it hanging in my closet.
I should have taken more pictures, but I forgot and when I did, it was a little too crowded to get the whole thing. 

The textiles were on the far left side of the table and also hanging.  I have no idea how to show the jackets at the shows where I can't hang them.    No one bought any rayon chenille, which is my favorite since it's so soft and luscious.
I think the most fun part of the day was having long-lost friends show up!  I had a few surprises, like Gloria from high school days whom I hadn't seen in 14 or 15 years. 
I have plans to attend a bead show in Oakland today, but I'm my body is not feeling like it wants to move very fast or leave the house.  It almost feels like I "worked" yesterday!  Heaven forbid....

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