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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Living with Addiction and Bees

  I am so good about posting when we travel, but as soon as we get home, I find many other things to do instead.  I weave, I knit, I make jewelry, but mostly I am addicted to these damn computer games!  I spend hours playing, and now that I have an iPhone...more games!  I know I'm not alone because I find others just like me and now we can play against each other.  I make no apologies and refuse to feel guilty about my addiction--it's better than many others and sucks time, which is mine to suck.
  I took this picture this morning just outside the back stairs from the window:
 Yesterday when gardening, I came upon the buzzing garbage can and immediately got Matthew the bee master outside to inspect it.  Apparently our bees swarmed once again, but this time found a home for their queen inside the can, where the lid had a very slight opening.   Matthew got a box and dumped the majority of the bees into it, put several small air holes in it and taped it shut.  They can last like that for a couple of days, but no longer.  Since it's best to work at dusk when they're the calmest, he's putting them into the hive this evening.  Meanwhile, however, they've started biting through the cardboard to enlarge the holes, and are now slipping in and out.
I wanted a more up-close picture so the air-holes show, plus you can see the bees trying to get inside through the slit in the bottom on the side. 
  They've been buzzing around the house all day in a frantic sort of way.  I seem to be the only one concerned since Matthew's outside working in the yard about 25' from the box.   I'm staying inside.    Playing games.