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Friday, February 24, 2012

Stitches West 2012

One of my favorite times of the year...with friends from Santa Fe--Donna, Edelle, and Harriet-- after the market preview, where everyone bought something just to get us started.  More time to shop today, tomorrow, Sunday....oh oh.  Last year, over 10,000 people were here for the 4 days....and most just came to shop!  Vendors are here from all over the country.  And this year, lots of  beads in recognition of Betsy Hershberg's new book on knitting with beads.  She's the woman who got me going on knitting beads, so I'm thrilled for her.   More pictures today...more to add tonight after the fashion show and dinner...oh, and the pajama party.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Art Fun

I might not have much time to write, but at least I have pictures.  My excitement for the day is finally getting an etsy store together...with all of 3 pairs of earrings on it.  I've taken many pics of my bookmarks to add them next, so will get them on today or soon.
First many pictures of Bad Art Night from last week.  We had a great group there--doing everything from silk painting to knitting to decoupage to making leather-bound books and more!  What a diverse and fun group to hang with...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

  I was interviewed a couple of months ago by Wendy Andary who had been hired by CoastViews Magazine to do a story on me.  I never did find out how they heard of me, but am always open to spreading the word about Colony of Coastside Artists and what we do.  Oh, and open to spreading the word about my own work as well, of course!
  Wendy's writing is so awesome, after reading what she wrote, I wanted to buy my own work!  The article can be found here:
  We're in the midst of planning a May open studios, so I've been busy with emails and decisions for the past 2 weeks.  Each time, we hope to grow and add more, especially in advertising.  I want the group to think globally, which means get off the coast and over to other areas away from here.   We have so many talented people and such an awesome area to visit.  We'll be very busy that weekend with Gathering of Women also showing on Sat. in Montara and an art walk on Main St. on Sunday!  We must have 50 artists showing and selling art those days!
  I'm still gearing up to start an store.  I wish I had someone just show up and help me take the pictures and write the copy for each item.  I have plenty of inventory since Savvy Skirts closed at the Harbour (opening again elsewhere in a few months), so that's not an issue.   Maybe I'll make that next week's goal.  This week, it's all about open studios and travel planning. trip plans in the works, so get ready.