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Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Tis the Season for Selling, Eating, & Avoiding the Crazies

 After many months of work to get ready--both in creating, which I love, and organizing as coordinator, which I don't love so much--Open Studios as come and gone.  I opted to do OS at home this time and invited Connie Andrews to join me.  Connie does mixed media, which works well with what I do since we don't conflict, plus we like each other's work.
  We set up the room downstairs and moved some furniture around to highlight my weaving on the large loom and allow for movement within and around what we make and do.

   This is one of the blankets being warped onto the loom.   I don't use this one as often as the upstairs 4-harness loom, but have been making small blankets lately, so it's a better choice for wider weaves.
  I used my new earring display Annette's son made--love how the earrings show on here:

  The display is now at Savvy Skirts with 90 pairs on it, including the 18 pairs of clip-ons.  I wouldn't be heartbroken if it is returned with a lot fewer pairs.  I'm already making more, though many of them will be taken to a Burlingame store.
  I used the textiles displays Aubrey made years ago and I just inherited.
They worked well, though I've been told someone mentioned we were overloaded with how much work we displayed.  Well, we have a lot of art!  This is the time to let it all show!
And then my display became a place for a cat-nap!  Farwell is anything but shy.  My first customers were there, and he wanted to make sure he was noticed by all.  No, I didn't even consider selling him.

Then, two days after cleaning up, the house was readied for 15 of us at Thanksgiving~!  Matthew started cooking Wednesday afternoon...and instead of serving sweet potatoes for a side dish, we opted for sweet potato pie.  Good, but too similar to pumpkin pie to really make a statement.  

 I didn't take many pictures of the evening--just a few candid shots of the family and extended family.  I also got out an album of my oldest nephew's baby pictures for his girlfriend and her parents to see.  He gave me permission ahead of time, and I was glad they got to see my sister with her first baby almost 31 years ago.   They were able to see where Jeff comes from and connect with his past.  Even Mom/Nana took a look at the old pictures.  The album starts with a shot of his dad holding him right after he was born and goes till he's about 5 and Garret is 4.  Nothing blackmail worthy...
Blogging is much more fun when we're traveling, but we have no plans for a trip at the moment, so I'll just have to go with what I'm doing locally.  
One more show only coming up on Dec. 8 in Montara.  I am once again doing Gathering of Women at Tracey's house from 10-4 at 565 Fifth Street.  I won't have jewelry, but all my textiles--yes, all of it--will be there (along with bookmarks and shawl pins, just so some beads are with me).
But in the earrings (mostly) for the unpierced: