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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Two more days and I'm still working...

Since I took the time to get pictures of new work that will preview this Saturday, I wanted to see how they look posted.  The first one is a Kumihimo beaded necklace.  I did this one with a blend of beads, rather than one or two colors only...and I like the look.  I'll make more, but not right this moment...Then made a few bracelets and some earrings.  I didn't crochet the wire for these, so they're so of "ordinary."   Well, not a problem since many people like this look rather than the artsy one.

This picture doesn't show the shapes of the lampwork glass...some are square, some triangles, and some round. 

The red here is a bracelet, and the white/pink is a necklace.. I realize it's hard to tell in pictures.
And this last one is made with the Italian wire mesh, but it's hard to see....the large beads,which are some gemstone I don't remember--story of my life--are enclosed in the mesh.   I did do a couple of simple necklaces with the mesh using mostly single glass pendants, which don't take much imagination, but are stunning nevertheless.   Sometimes that old KISS method is the best...

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