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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another art project? Really?

 I haven't written in awhile, probably because I'm busy doing and not writing or reading.  I could blame Bad Art Night for this one--decided I wanted to try something new to push myself in a different direction and should have known it would cause me to spend more money, time, and space in my office/studio.  I now have a card table set up in an already cramped space with cigar boxes, brushes, glue, many kinds of paper, cards, tissue, glittery things, ribbons....where will it ever end?
 And who knew I had so many people in my life whose husbands smoke cigars?  They're so happy to find a home for those boxes too!  
 So here's the first one I ever decoupaged: 
front with Anneliese's handmade quilted postcard

inside cover

I'll sell most of them, but this first one isn't for sale.  I love the postcard on it, which I'd saved along with many other cards from friends, parents, and students over the years.  I love finding sayings from the cards to add a little flavor to the boxes. 
I started using the boxes several years ago when two colleagues brought them to work.  I grabbed several to bring home and use them to carry my jewelry to shows.  Being a former health teacher, not to mention a reformed smoker, I really had an adverse reaction to them being tobacco-related, so decoupaging them seemed like a great idea. 

Waiting to be finished
The above are completed except for adding the felt on the inside.  Here's one before anything is done to it--pretty by itself--
I have an old friend coming over tomorrow and we're going to spend time working on decorating boxes.  I think I have enough to share....I haven't counted, but got  3 bags from Connie last week, 10 boxes from Kris, and 4 more from Shirley and Tim on Sat.  Everywhere I go, I find cigar smokers!  Who knew?
          I've also done a few new necklaces recently.  I saw an article in a beadng magazine for a Kumihimo necklace using Magatama beads, and wouldn't you know, I just happen to have bought some of those beads not too long ago!  Again, who knew?   I thought it looked interesting, so made my own, which is already at Savvy Skirts with a price tag on it.  I did remember to take a few pictures before taking it there:

Gold and silver mixed beads...the Magatamas are the ones with the interesting's a close-up:

The straight silver and gold on each side are seed beads.  I thought the design was unique, so am now making one in pink and white.
 And last night I got motivated to make necklaces, this time using the new shark-tooth shaped shells I got last week.  I think they look curious to see what others think of them.

I love how the blog helps me remember to take pictures of my work so I'll have something to write about and show.  It's easier when we travel since every sight/site and meal is different from home, but I want to keep writing and not lose that side of me.  I used to write letters frequently back in the day, and even kept a journal now and then--and made all my students write daily journals to impress on them the importance of writing and expressing oneself.   Doing a blog is moving journals into this era, so even us dinosaurs can do it. 
Speaking of which, I had a new experience yesterday--I skyped with my oldest friend Ingrid who is in Italy for 5 weeks.  I've seen it done, I know many who use it, but had never attempted it before.  And like a goof, I downloaded it to my desktop and when we tried to use it the first time, it wouldn't webcam on the desktop.  I love my little has everything I need except a large enough keyboard.  So I downloaded Skype onto it and we got to talk.  Two dinosaurs conversing in real time face-to-face from afar. 
Time to move myself to Blue Sky to work on my new necklace.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my retired life!