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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Out of the Fog and into the Blog

It's about time I blog a bit, I suppose. It's easier to do when traveling because I have things to remember everyday about where we are and what we see that's new and different from the usual.
 I avoid ranting about politics, though sometimes it's hard to stop myself. I also know many people losing family members, beloved animals, and friends, so I think it's best to stay positive and not go there either. Everyone has something. We all cope in different ways. And it's doubly hard when the world seems to be on fire with hate, injustice, and violence.
 So here's my disclaimer: I  know it's going on, but I am not going to write about it.
 I have brought Fancy up to Habitat House for a 12-day girls' stay. I tried a new drug prescribed by the vet. Didn't change her constant conversation and sometimes yowl during the 3 hour car ride. She actually got quiet when we hit Longeway Rd.....which is my turn off the highway in Sonora. sigh.
 But she's here now and sitting quietly in one of her favorite spots. She's on the ottoman protecting my fiber which will be for nuno felting onto silk scarves later this week. I've brought many projects here to work on for both inside and outside activities.
Fancy's Habitat bed in my studio. I find it interesting it's the same shape as the carrier, which she hates. Too bad she can't stay in this during the car ride--maybe she'd actually sleep!

To bead or to read?
Matthew bought me this book from my Amazon wish list--it's a collection of short stories about writers who also knit compiled by Ann Hood. She took up knitting when she lost her 5 year old to a sudden disease and couldn't write or read. Someone suggested working with her hands, and she's been knitting ever since...and now also back to writing. It's my afternoon delight--around 5:00, sit outside under the umbrella and enjoy the quiet and peace of the environment  while reading one or two chapters.  If you don't understand why this is a big deal, 5:00 in El Granada is often foggy and cold, especially during the summer.
Atop the Knitting Yarns book, a bright yellow and red bead embroidered bracelet that is following me around until I finish it. I already have the next project in my head, but will not start it until this one is finished.
Maybe my next blog topic should be about UFOs....unfinished objects. That pair of socks I started 2-3 years ago. The poncho for myself I finally returned to recently after months. The above bracelet I work on daily but is never-ending.  I think this might be my way of avoiding boredom...switching from one thing to another. I truly have ADD or ADHD--I also have a book I listen to on my phone, one I'm reading on my Kindle, and now the Ann Hood book. When I taught school, I usually had 5 going simultaneously because I read to two classes a day and they were always different books. It's a sign of a mind that cannot be quieted.  I know many addicts who use drugs for the same purpose...good thing I've always been too much a control-freak to ever get into substance abuse. Fiber and beads are so much safer. Don't try ingesting them...
  So here's my quiet place that keeps me calm and allows me to be productive without distractions...unless you count many birds, deer, squirrels, bees and bugs, etc.
 Matthew planted many bulbs this year hoping at least one wouldn't become deer-dinner. He got his wish and it bloomed the day after I arrived!
Little loom for free-form weaving project in my studio, but it's wonderfully portable so will come outside for working on the back deck. It's supposed to get up to the 80's and 90's this weekend. 

When I arrived, my studio looked pristine. I had had the book club here, so didn't use my space for work, but within an hour of being here and emptying my car, I transformed the table into my free-form work space for knitting, weaving, beading, and who knows what else. 
Oh yeah, what else....a whole mess of paperwork followed me here too. Must be time to go for a walk so I can have the rest of the day for all of the above. Happy summer in my Habitat.