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Friday, September 19, 2014

TRES PETIT, not me, the apartment.

 We have been in Paris for 4 nights.  Our Air B&B apartment is tiny, but in a great area.  It's fun to be in a neighborhood with the sights and sounds of real Parisian living.  Our apartment is up 4 flights; after 4 days, I can almost do the whole thing without the leg cramps or getting as winded.  In such good shape....
Straight up
At the end of our block, there is a busy lively street with many restaurants and shops.  We bought breakfast foods there the first day--at the cheese shop, bread shop, and grocery store.  We also had our first snack in a brasserie.  I have to say we seem to be among the oldest people on this street, especially around 5:00 when hundreds sit and drink outside in every eatery on the block.  It's great for people-watching from both angles.
 One day we went to the Musee D'Orsay, which is known for having the largest exhibit of the Impressionist painters.  It's in an old train station converted into quite a building that goes on and on and up and up.  We had to decide what parts we really wanted to see because we could have spent days there.  I admit to getting overwhelmed and cranky in museums if I have to spend more than a couple of hours there.
 Afterwards, we took the Metro to the Jewish section of the city for lunch.  We didn't know where to eat, though Matthew had a book that guided us to a street with many places.  We had just decided to do falafels when we spotted Chez Marianne.  And since this trip has been partly about family, my sister's name seemed to be a significant sign, though the picture on the menu has no resemblance to my sister!
  We shared a plate with selected items, including chopped chicken liver, which I haven't had in awhile...delicious!  Pastrami, brisket, something called 'brick' which was like filo stuffed with meat, eggplant in sauce, and an artichoke dish.

Our bill from a lunch at a cafe...that's Euros, of course, so about $55 in US.  

My favorite shot of the tower Eiffel from our hop on/off bus.  We chose not to climb up....
Last night we had dinner at what the guide book said was the best crepe place in the city.  We hadn't made reservations, so they said we could eat in the shop,which is next door.  It's a large cabinet with 6 chairs around it and no place for your legs...oh, and instead of chairs, we sat on wooden crates.  I should have gotten a picture of that!  We might have been out-casted to the hinterlands, but it was much cooler in there than in the two rooms in the restaurant.  Paris is having a heat wave, so I just sweat my way around.  Oh damn, complaining again....
Anyway, we ended up really enjoying our little area for dinner.  We talked to a couple across from us who are from Hong Kong--very cute young couple who have been touring Europe about the same time as we.  Then they left and another woman, French, came in and joined us.  She told us many things about the shop and the food...eats there often.  Then another woman came in and she was from New Jersey working for Eileen Fisher and there for the Paris fashion week.  She's originally from Croatia, and comes to Paris often for work.  We ended up having a great meal and sharing even better conversation with people from all over. 
 Matthew had a Provencale galette with ham, eggs, onions, and cheese;  I had the Nordic--smoked salmon with creme fraiche.  They were so good, we had to share a dessert crepe of berries and ice cream.  What can I say?  Fabulous!

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