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Thursday, September 4, 2014

 Nice start to our trip....had a perfect lunch at Barbara's fish trap...only a short wait.  Made it to the parking lot and caught the shuttle right on schedule, and the flight left on time.   So far, so good.   
We are flying economy plus on British, which feels like business class, which I was once upgraded to in the 80's when flying home with a school group.   Personalized service, free headsets, mask, sox, etc.  Our printed menu arrived, then hot towels, and drinks.  I'm practicing for Paris, so got red wine.  Once in a while, it's good to surprise your spouse. 
Our seats were in the front row of the plus group with lots of leg room and leg rests that extend.   Happy happy.
After a very long day, we arrived in Munich.  Fortunately, Matthew studied how to get to the train, which stop to use, and 14 stops later, we were somewhere near our hotel.  We only had one glitch in finding it, which didn't take too much time or energy.
I will now brag about how I brought only a carry-on for 3 weeks!  I hope I have enough layers because the weather is not so warm.  If necessary, I will buy a sweater and hope  it fits in the suitcase.  
We had that falling asleep every and anywhere you are feeling, but decided we had better leave the hotel to eat dinner before crashing.  We asked at the hotel for a typical German meal, and he sent us on a short walk to a biergarten.  The place was huge with a mixture of tourists and locals.  It was too cold to sit outside (no, the temperature will not be a theme of this trip....I hope), so we made our way inside.  The waiter spoke enough English, but not enough to understand my request for a spare glass so I could share in some of Matthew's giant dark beer.  So I just opted for my own.  Those who know me will be surprised--I don't generally drink beer.  Another surprise for my husband.  I might have to dry out after this trip!
My pork roast dinner with bread dumpling.  Good, but so much food and very filling.

Matthew opted for the sausage sampler with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.  I also had a cabbage salad with small bits of bacon, which was very kraut-like, but good.

On the table--giant pretzels instead of bread.  
 We both crashed early and had interrupted sleep all night, even though we were exhausted.  
 Today we ate what turned out to be a huge breakfast in the hotel.  Tomorrow, I won't eat as much so we might enjoy a bite of lunch during the day out somewhere interesting.  Breakfast here included lots of cheeses, breads, cold meats, smoked salmon, eggs, bacon, yogurt, croissants, etc.  I went more the cold meats, salmon, and liquid yogurt, but felt stuffed for hours.  I don't usually eat much in the mornings, so this was a bit over the top for me.  
Our beers last night.
breakfast plate

And yes, I found yarn at a department store very close to our hotel on our first day here!  No, I didn't buy any yet....I also saw another yarn store I'd read about from our bus today, so will return to find it soon.  A carry-on remember....not much room.  But Matthew actually said, "Well, it squishes down easily."  Guess he knows my thinking before I do.....

I'm going to apologize for my blog ahead of time. I have my little netbook with me, and apparently, blogspot or google changed the settings so now I see only three lines of my writing and when I add a picture, I can only see a small portion of it.  That means I also cannot move the pictures around to match what I'm saying.  I might not bring this computer home with me after Paris.  It's making its last trip regardless of where it ends up.  If anyone has suggestions of how to change the settings on this PC, let me know.   It's hard to edit, but hopefully it's clear enough.  I can blame the computer for any and all errors...ha!


  1. I'm following along fine. It all seems nicely ordered to me with the theme of wine, beer, cheese. Works for me!

  2. I also am able to follow just fine. Of course you have to drink beer while in Germany. Must say, Matthew's sausage sampler with kraut looked wonderful. I love living vicariously through your blog posts.

  3. Sounds delicious and fuel for lots of walking! Paul used to live in Germany and smiled when I read him your post. He remembers the food well :)

    Sandy in Pacifica