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Saturday, September 20, 2014


1.  The Parisians are much friendlier and speak more and better English than they were 25 years ago.
2.  The food tastes as good as it looks.
3.  The French hygiene has also improved in the last 25 years and being on the Metro during rush hour is the perfect way to verify this.
4.  Many many people smoke, especially young people.
5.  I still can't afford to buy anything at Galleries Lafayette (well, let's say I won't pay this for a purse, regardless of my finances).

This adorable outfit is a mere 155 Eu, about $212.  Perfect for the 12 month old in your life.
6.  Paris has the most breath-taking architecture and
7.  You can see its gorgeous Opera building from a roof top terrace at the Galleries Lafayette along with stunning views of the Eiffel tower and most of Paris!

 People come and hang out, take off their shoes, relax, enjoy the view and then go back in and shop some more!
8.  If you screw up and miss your exit in the Metro or think you belong on a different line, you can spend a long time walking from one area to another and even walk to another stop all underground without even knowing where you want to be is above you.
9.  The biggest crime is still pickpockets and not just in the Metro.  Girls walk around Montmartre and other areas with clipboards pretending to be deaf and try to get unsuspecting tourists to read their paperwork while they lift their wallets and phones.  Sometimes (on other days in other locations), the same girls change tactics and ask if they speak English and try to involve them in conversations.
10.  The French have a great sense of style

Even the cats.

I'm hoping everyone who reads this blog and has been to Paris will add a comment below with their own #10...or more.

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