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Friday, December 23, 2011

Too Much Bad Art Fun

 Such a busy time these days, but I managed to get a massage in this afternoon after morning Pilates and lunch with Jed.  I've spent the week rearranging my office to accommodate my new computer--I needed a flat surface for the trackpad.  And I needed to combine my office with my beading/jewelry creating, which I'd never done.  I've gone through drawers and moved things that haven't been moved since they were brought in here.  Good time to vacuum under and around everything too.
 I've also done some knitting for my nephew Jeff.  He's moving to New York and I wanted him to have a warm hat to wear from his auntie this winter.  The colors were inspired by Laura, and I found a style that's long enough to cover his ears.

 So tonight I decided to go to Bad Art Night even though I'd had a busy day.  Matthew was making calzone, so I said I'd be back in an hour, but fortunately told him not to wait dinner for me.  He made Italian calzone--Italian sausage, mushroom, and cheese. 

 I only took knitting with me tonight since I wasn't going to stay long, but when I got there, it was so much fun, I couldn't leave.  Linda did an awesome water color, but she added more with pencil and stamps.  She's amazing to watch.  Chris was inspired to do Zentangles by Nancy for the first time, then he took the strip he'd done and was going to wrap a coffee can with it.  At the end of the evening, at least for me, Laura and Kristine gave us all BAN gifts.  We have enough very cool stuff to do Bad Art for months.  I'm so excited because in a sense, they've issued a subtle challenge to us to figure out things to do with the contents of the boxes, including acrylic paints.  I know this will stretch my thinking about art.  Good goal for 2012.  
 I make no resolutions...not since the year I made the one about never making another New Year's resolution.  It's the only one I've ever kept.

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