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Monday, December 19, 2011

Blogs...Writing, Reading, Privacy, Who's Reading?

 I woke early this morning, around 4 or 5 am--not sure since the power outage knocked out my bedside clock--and started writing this blog in my head. what was I writing?  I know it started because my brother-in-law heard the word blog at lunch yesterday and asked what is a blog and what do you mean, I've been in your blog?  Don't you have to ask permission to put me in it?  Who writes them?  Why?  Who reads them?  Why?
 So that made me start thinking about all of that and more.  I know when I wrote about Peru, I had at least a dozen people tell me they'd read all about it and loved hearing my stories.  I also know my own husband has never read my blog and shows no interest in it.  Funny, my blog-reading peeps all know how I felt about the trip and the canopy walk in particular, but Matthew had NO idea.  I mentioned it last week and told him it wasn't my favorite trip (after he said how he'd love to return to Peru), and he was so surprised.  And you all know how I feel, right?  Duh.
 I've always been a writer; I used to love writing letters the old-fashioned way using snail mail.  I even loved the act of writing and of course, used multi-colored pens.  Some of my friends from high school remember that!  Oh, THOSE were notes written during class, especially history.  Sorry, Mr. Woods.
 But now writing isn't so easy with fine motor coordination being more difficult, so typing is the way to go.  And using the blog allows me to journal my thoughts and share with whoever is interested.  But who is reading this?  I only have 10 followers--oh, it says 11, but I was trying to figure out how it works when I first started and became my own follower.  Another duh.  I see some with hundreds of followers and wonder how they ended up with so many.  I know more than 11, oops 10, read my blog...and some subscribe to it as well.  I can't see who subscribes, but I know of one, Laura, who often graciously makes comments.  I love getting comments!  Does that sound a little like begging for them?  Well....  It's really the only way of getting instant gratification after writing something.
 The privacy part of blogging is interesting.  I notice in one person's blog I read, she rarely mentions others by name.  I don't use last names, but do use first occasionally.  And if I mention a nephew, like yesterday, that narrows down about whom I'm writing.  And I often use photos too.  Does one need permission?  Not really...this is a 'personal' writing space, and since I'm usually not saying anything derogatory, it shouldn't matter.  Besides, have any of you realized how we already lack privacy in our lives?  Do you ever wonder how your ads on Facebook and other places seem to be oddly geared to your own interests?  Hey, they've hacked into your searches and followed you!  Who's they?  Well, I don't know everything, but I do know all my friends aren't getting ads for knitting and bead making like I do.  Big Brother is alive and well, and I'm not talking about the TV program.
 Okay, enough of that ranting.  One thing I enjoy about blogging, both writing and reading, is adding photos of what's being discussed.  So no picture today since you've already seen my new computer, and I'd better not add one of my bro-in-law after yesterday's series of questions.  But I do thank him for giving me something to think about.  
 So is anyone out there?


  1. of course we're out there. i have to say, i struggle with similar issues myself as a blogger. currently, my blog doesn't use my name (okay, as of yesterday it uses my first name, but still). i struggle with going public when i am such an introvert and really don't want to give my ex one more way to find me.

    as for others, i rarely use their photos or names, but i'm sure that will change too as my blog expands. perhaps you have it right. privacy is an illusion these days. besides, i always feel that anything we have to say has so much more meaning and gravity when we are brave enough to show our faces and stand behind it.

  2. I enjoy your blogs. Please keep writing them. Looking forward to after the holidays when we can have lunch together.

    Love you lots,

  3. Patt--

    Your followers aren't the only ones reading your blog. I click on over from Facebook when you mention it there.

    Mary B.