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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Everyone asks: Why Krakow?

Everyone asked us why are you going to Krakow? Prague they's sort of the upscale touristy place everyone wants to see, but what's in Krakow besides Auschwitz? Many of the buildings here are original; the Nazis took this area as their own, so they didn't bomb the hell out of it. It's small, so easy to get around and walking is much easier because they don't have those annoying tiny cobblestones that are impossible to walk on without pain. Plus, there are tourists, but not nearly what one finds in other places. 

 Our neighborhood...this church is on the corner of our block. We learned today there are ___Catholic churches in Krakow.
 This church is also on our street, just farther down. They're so picturesque.
 The entrance to our apartment. It's spacious with uncomfortable beds, too much light in the morning, hard wooden chairs at the kitchen table, but home for the next 5 days.
 The elevator--we're on the 4th floor--is the original, and this building is OLD. They do have plans to renovate, but not before we leave.... We barely fit with our luggage and 3 people. I mean barely. There is no safety door...the first pic shows the moving elevator coming down.

 First dinner in the neighborhood--not in the more expensive, less authentic main square which is a block from us in the other direction. Love the decor here...
 Soup is a staple at every meal. I had goulash and Matthew had mushroom. We were being pissy with each other after spending 24/7 together for over a week, so we ate silently and didn't sample each other's food. But then we shared pierogis and potato pancakes. I ate one pierogi and had bites of 2 others--2 different meats and 1 cheese and potato--but didn't think they were that great, so that was it for me. They were doughy and thick...hopefully not the only ones we try and others are better.

 These were so uniform we think they were machine-made, which could account foe the thickness.
 Yeah, potato pancakes with sour cream. Sort of greasy, but not bad. I forced myself to eat one.
  More pictures of the elevator, because I can't get over how old and scary it is. And tiny. And rickety.

 Some photos of our apartment. Kitchen and living room larger than I thought they'd be. I had asked ahead of time about the darkness of the bedroom knowing Matthew cannot sleep if it's light outside (though he falls asleep to the TV every night). I was told it stayed dark enough and the blinds kept out the light, but they're old and have many openings, so they don't really.
  This is the view from the 2nd bedroom. Not pretty, but I happen to like roof top views...reminds me of my first trip to Paris in the 80's. Notice the sky....yep, just like the coast. It was drizzling when we arrived.
 More to come.....

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