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Friday, September 16, 2016

             LAST DAYS PART II

 I mentioned the giant escalators earlier and wanted to show what they look like. Getting on them should be sort of easy ... like just walking on, but I jumped every time. They're really fast and steep.
I noticed on our last night the people on the other side look like they're bent forward going down; it has a weird prospective. A guy passed us going up and his legs looked shorter than they were too.

 There really is no privacy anymore. These 2 women were not together, but the one on the right was clearly reading what was on the other's phone. This also gives me the opportunity to show the most common dress on young women...short shorts. Anyone remember hot pants? If you do, you're my age! But I bet your mother never wore them to your wedding.
 They were under a long skirt, which she did stitch halfway up the front.

For our last meal, we decided to try Zsofia's recommendation for authentic Hungarian food. By now, I've developed a small blister on a toe, hips and legs are hurting, and I have no energy to walk another 20-25 min.  Matthew too. 
So we metro'ed it both ways and only got a little lost getting there. They save tables, so we knew it was ours from 6-8. The restaurant is called Getto Gulyas (ghetto goulash). Sort of scary name, but it was a great spot and wonderful, modernistic decor. The walls are turquoise-colored corrugated metal, open windows with plants and candles on the sills, and a menu of different stews from which to choose. 

I asked if they had fruit soup, which though not on the menu they did, so I started with my last bowl of sour cherry soup. Not a bad start. 
Yes, that is whipped cream.  

I had something I never order--veal. Here's the description: Paprika veal stew with homemade sour cream and baked curd cheese noodles rolled in bacon 
 The potatoes were sliced paper thin and were singly the best thing I had on all the trip.  The description is from their FB page, which is their only website, I think.
 This was Matthew's rabbit with dumpling. He said he's eaten rabbit many many times over the years including from his own yard, and this was the best he's ever had. That's really saying something.
 Going to Budapest? Go to this restaurant!

The people next to us had this for dessert, and dinner was so fabulous, we decided to split this as well. 
Homemade curd cheese dumplings with cinnamon sour creme
By the way, 920 is the cost--about $3.15
And they were freaking great! OMG that sour creme with cinnamon!

  Interior is sort of like a light cheese cake, but Matthew hates cheesecake and gobbled this up, so it's not really....

I think it's good we're heading home now. I've eaten enough, mostly very good food, and need to get back to a decent sleep and a diet of vegetables and salads. We are staying in a hotel not far from the airport because of flight leaves at 6:30am and we need to be up and out by 5. The good news is we arrive at SFO at 1:30 pm, which is a rarity.  The other good news is they have a wellness center, so I had a 90 min. massage when I got here. Ahh
 Travel is not easy. Long flights, sleeping in strange beds, spending 25 hours a day with the same person, eating out at least twice everyday, walking more than normal, sharing a space with the same person...oh, did I say that already? It's worth it to see beautiful and interesting places and broaden one's outlook and experiences.
I'll be glad to get home and kiss my kitties.

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  1. Long time away (sharing the same space with the same person) :-), but it sounded and looked like you had a wonderful trip. Safe travels home!