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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Last Day, Last Meal, Fogward Bound

 Put some miles on the car yesterday going to Lahaina--more touristy shops and very hot walking around, then headed up to Kula to the surfers goat farm. Had a "flight" of 6 goat cheeses all well-flavored. Saw the goats, but with it being about 100 degrees, didn't opt for going into the fields to see them up close.
 We splurged on dinner or lunch, well, both actually, at Mama's Fish House, considered one of the best and certainly one of the oldest restaurant on the island. I had been here about 25 years ago or maybe 30 with a friend. Beautiful setting, very pricey.
 I couldn't eat a huge meal again (most were about $45-$85 the latter being a whole fish), so shared crab cakes with Matthew:

It came on this pretty plate, so I added it after we removed them to our own plates. Salmon roe on top. Quite good.

 Then I had the ahi sashimi salad, which was perfect. Matthew had a huge meal, so I got a taste of his salmon, mahi mahi, poke, and wild boar. I passed on the poi.
This was perfect for me. At $32, it's considered a first course, but I was happy as a main.
  Opted out of dessert and also drinks....too much for me.
 Returning today to our foggy home where I also return to eating lightly and healthy so I'm ready for our next trip!

 Made some new earrings before we left using wire, a hammer and bench block, and freshwater pearls. I can't wait to do more..I've done about 4 or 5 pairs and now have an idea for a wall hanging using the same technique. All this art on Maui inspired me!!

No two are alike...and I don't mean the pairs~ each one is a little different from the other, but you can't really tell when they're on you. Obviously not for those who like everything perfectly symmetrical and even. 

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