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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Continuing on to Maui

 Our little plane on Mokolele Airlines...very tiny and so much fun! We had to bend over to get to our seats--yeah, even short me had to do that. I wondered how Jeff and Garret would have managed. It holds about 8-10 people. I sat behind the pilots and watched one of them playing on his phone.
 We stopped for sushi on our way from the airport to our condo and it was SO good! I haven't had sushi for at least 6 months, and this was worth the wait.
 Then got to the condo, which is very nice. I've never been in a VRBO place with so many rules and warnings to follow, but we're good tenants, so no worries.
 We'd heard about Lapperts ice cream, so had to stop there after dinner and try it. Glad I saved room. This was espresso ice cream with coconut, fudge sauce, and macadamia nuts. OMG!!

Many beautiful art galleries in this high-end mall. We were in two where we could have bought many things. This cat or one like it might be coming home with us. 
 And below is something called pohaku, I believe.  It's a stack of rocks, very controversial if done outside in Hawaii because they feel it's disrespectful to their original intent, to honor Pele. These being blown and fused together. I'm so intrigued with them....and thinking one could find its way to Sonora.

   Part of the view from the condo....
 Read about a great breakfast place from the list the owner left called Kehei Cafe. They do a phenomenal business...get in line to order from a huge menu. I decided to go Hawaiian with pork fried rice with chorizo and bacon and eggs on top. Matthew got corned beef hash and eggs. I'm surprised we weren't done in for the rest of the day with all that food...and it was again, SO good!

  Drove to another part of the island--Paia where they're known for local art and galleries, which was great to see, then stopped near Mama's Fish House where we have reservations for 3:30 Wed. ...the only time we could get this week! Wind surfers and regular surfers' paradise here.

  Lots of local art on walls too.  This was at the end of our parking lot -- part of the wall of art.
 Breakfast in the condo today. No more giant meals during the day, though we have dinner plans at the local hot spot called the Monkey Pod. We hope to stay home and watch the sunset before walking up the hill to eat.

Papaya, watermelon, avocado, yogurt, apple banana, and corn bread on the deck. Yay!


  1. You made me hungry...! Did you know you can get Lappert's ice cream in the Bay Area? Sausalito, Richmond and Berkeley?

  2. Shhh...don't tell me that, Laurie. This is a vaca treat only!