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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will You Follow Me Anywhere?

  It seems I have quite a few people who follow my blog posts, but they're invisible to me.  On the main page, I see 14 people who admit it, but the rest are hiding.  Apparently when someone signs up to get email notifications, nothing comes to me or shows that they're receiving them.  
  I'm a curious person--and I want to know who's taking the time to read my meanderings about life.  If you're one of those followers, would you please consider signing up on the home page as a follower?   They put you through a couple of general hoops to make sure you're not a stalker ( j/k), but  other than that, it's easy.
  And get ready--many more posts starting next week as we travel to Malaysia, ending in Singapore for the last 2 nights.  We'll be gone most of May, so hopefully the posts will be entertaining...and not about how many pharmacies we found in each town.  I don't usually post about travel ahead of time, but let's be different today.  Here's our general itinerary:
  We'll be outside Kuala Lumpur for 7 nights in a hotel worth looking up called the Palace of the Golden Horses.  They do a courtesy health screening and have a health center on the grounds.  No, that's not why we're going there.....
  Four nights in Penang at Clove Hall, which looks fabulous
  Two nights in Kota Bharu...Habib Hotel (could be a story in itself, but let's hope for the best)
  Four in Kuching, which is in Borneo, at the Lime Tree Hotel
  Two in Singapore at Santa Grand Hotel Chinatown.
  I have booked all these myself after much research and reading on and other places.  Just as I was getting ready to book a place, some new recommendation would come in that would be too negative to ignore, so I'd throw out that hotel and try again.  I spent hours finding hotels and things to do.  Right now I have 19 pages of notes from fodors forums and trip advisor that I need to pare down to something easily carried with us.  
  I might have been a pretty good travel agent in another life.....

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