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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Japanese buffet Saturday Night

Every kind of Japanese dish imaginable at this buffet Saturday night at the hotel's Japanese restaurant.  They had several chefs available to make dishes for us, including the skewered selections--lamb, different fish and shrimp, etc, with several sauces, and another chef who just did teppan-yaki with a great selection of white or green sprouts and vegetables, plus fish and meats.  My favorite was the cooked vegetable medley, so I had him stir-fry me more without meat.
 sushi chef and many odd types too strange to try(sushi with mayonnaise?  or with potato salad atop the rice?)

 many hot selections,

 oysters in a sauce much like Rockefeller, but not called thatAnd an udon station where Matthew chose what vegetables and meats/fish he wanted, then it was cooked to order:

and of course desserts, the downfall of buffets for me.  I can never just choose one or two.  

This was some special Mother's Day cake.
Matthew had this weird shaved ice thing for dessert that's some kind of special Malaysian treat.  The chef saw him struggling with the ice machine, so he helped him create this masterpiece.  The sweet fruit stuff was on the bottom, then ice is added on top, then sweet syrups.  It was gross!

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