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Monday, January 9, 2012

Etsy or Website?

I've been trying to decide how best to sell my jewelry and textiles online.  I haven't had much luck with my website, but then I really don't do as much with it as I should.  For someone who likes to write, I pretty much dislike writing descriptions of my work.  It's doing the business part of art that's hard--I'd rather spend my time creating the work.   And it's not just about all the pictures that need to be taken and in what light?  on what?  where?  Then measure, describe, remember what I used to create it and on and on.
 Just think about eating out these days--we used to read "hamburger with cheese", but today it says "a generous portion of the finest organic-bred beef topped with savory melted cheddar and organic greens and condiments on the side."  And that's the generic version!   I can't just write a crocheted wire necklace with a mixture of gemstones and glass beads in blue!  Hell no, it has to sound like it also tastes and smells good! Well, you get what I mean.

  I've been toying with putting some of my work on Etsy, which is the handmade Garden of Eden.  I realized this morning that doing Etsy would still mean writing everything out and measuring, taking better pictures, etc.  So instead, I'll start by working on the existing for those who don't know, and I'll post more on Facebook with what I'm doing.
 I'd love suggestions from the gallery...any ideas on how to get this moving?  Someone I recently met suggested  pictures of a "model" actually wearing what I've made--for example, a side view of an ear/neck with an earring so people can judge the length and see how it hangs.   I know the cocoons would look better on someone, though I tried that once and let's face it, I need to find someone else as model.  Here's one taken of the Italian wire mesh necklace I made last it better on a body?  What do you think?

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