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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New art...need more room

Just recently, I started decoupaging cigar boxes I have for carrying my jewelry to shows.  I always feel ambivalent about using them since I was a health teacher at one time, but they're very functional and easy to carry.  But who gets into decoupage now?  I missed that opportunity in the 60's or 70's when everyone was covering every object they could get their hands on.  Where art's concerned, I'm a late bloomer.
I've collected cards from friends, students, and parents over the years that I collaged on my classroom bulletin board every year, so now I'm using them on the boxes.  The second box has a high-heeled shoe from a card that says, "Darling, don't be sensible."  I love using some of the sayings or greettngs from the cards as well as the pictures.  It also makes them special to me since the cards were kept for a reason.
So here are two boxes I've done recently and the newest bracelets, finished in the last two days (and I wonder why my arm still hurts):

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