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Monday, December 6, 2010

Shows this weekend....

 Two days of shows--lots of talking and showing my work.  It's fun to get the feedback and have people find just the right piece--textile or jewelry--they love or love for someone else.  And I sold out on bookmarks and almost sold out on ornaments.  Whew.....
 I have a few pictures of my displays...the second set were in someone's home today.  After getting inspired by Louise's pictures of her open studios yesterday, I ran with it and spread my things throughout the house.
Saturday at Farallone View...just a 6' table, a hat rack, and my hanging thing.

The family room--my friend Carole checking out the beaded lariats and cocoons on the mantel...and Kathleen Smith's painted pillows were colorful and beautiful on the sofa.....

rayon chenille scarves--woven and yummy--so soft
cocoons hanging everywhere, but not noticed much.  This is her entryway.
my goofy painted ties and recycled wire vase with earrings and bracelets..and I always come up one half of a pair of earrings short from the trip in the car.  Will seach's somewhere.
Scarves, felted bags, and woven shawl in the family room.
Can't believe it--battery went dead before I could take any photos of the jewelry in the kitchen.  Even though 3 other people were selling jewelry, that's what most of the attendees wanted to look at.  I did sell one clutch bag and a rayon chenille scarf.

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  1. What beautiful work (and home!), Patt! Thanks for sharing. I hope it was fun! Feel free to link to my blog if you like. I'm going to add your to mine - to give people ideas about doing home shows!