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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

photos...for some reason, they worked through Flickr today. Tomorrow...who knows?

Here we are about to take off on the ATVs with she's giving those last minute instructions.  They actually feel really safe and balanced, unlike motorcycles.  and we went on some heavy-duty hills and through mud and streams of mud and water that day.  Our shoes took at least 24 hours to dry, and it helped having the sun make an appearance yesterday so we could put them outside to dry out.

This is the meal we were served by the family.  The pork wasn't really to our liking as it was much fat, which we're not used to.  Bea loved it.  you can see the homemade tortillas the oldest daughter made for us, to which we added housemade cheese.

costa rica2 025       costa rica2 004Everyday the horses arrive at the bananas for a treat on their way to the stables.  They roam at night and come back during the   day.  The white one shows up first---he's the largest, but is the least dominant, so has to get up here fast for his treats since the others will push him out of the way.  He was very sweet.  That big black dog has made himself comfortable in our home.  His name is Vadar and he's a lab....awhile ago, he found Bob and Bea's house with their pool and went for a swim.  They found his owners on the other side of the mountain, so returned him, but after 3 more dips in their pool, they all agreed he wanted to live with Bob and Bea since the others didn't have a place for him to swim. 

Below is Connie, comtemplating the day or just admiring the view from the pool.  

Yesterday we had lots of action here--monkeys were flying around the trees making lots of noise, a couple of toucans made an appearance, and butterflies were mating on the grass, which fascinated Matthew.  We went down the hill to the bank, grocery store, and to lunch in a local place.  And I can't believe I didn't take any food pictures!  I must be slipping.  We're heading out today for a hike, so will hope this works againn later.  I couldn't  get anything to work last night and was totally frustrated.

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