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Sunday, October 3, 2010

While in Italy, I wanted to check out the styles and especially the colors of fashion since they're the leaders and are often up to a year ahead of the US. Unfortunately, mostly what I saw as we window-shopped was black, brown, and variations of both. When I was in Paris in the mid 80's, I bought a lime green sweatshirt and no one had seen such a bright odd color before. A year later, it was all the rage at home.
I did see lots of leggings, some of which were in leather
and some had interesting gathers up the sides.

he last time I was in Italy, I focused my photo efforts on the many shoe stores I saw everywhere. This time, I didn't take too many pictures, but here are a few from Naples that I thought were particularly cute—although note they're again mostly in black or brown or both together:

Since there's no accounting for taste in any country, I found a shoe store that had the most gaudy, bright, unusual colored shoes in the Russian section of Naples. I tried to get a few pictures of the shoes, plus one of the matching purses.

I've already posted the pictures of the gloves and purses, but they deserve another look since they're so colorful:

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