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Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Litter? or Were You Raised in a Barn?

  Matthew and I walked to the post office on Saturday, and as always, picked up litter along the way and dumped it in garbage cans as we walked.  The county has even put up some garbage depositories in some of the center divides, which means someone has to come around and clean them out periodically, yet people still litter.
  What I don't get is why people dump cans, bottles, candy wrappers, and other crap as they're walking or out their car window without even thinking about it.  Do they think it's all right to make a mess and let others clean it up?  
 This was today's pick-up:
No, he doesn't bring it home as a rule, but I asked him to today so I could photograph what was out there in one day for the blog.
  I never actually see anyone litter, but if I did, I would say something and tell them to pick it up and dispose of it properly.   That's probably the teacher in me--just naturally bossy, ya know.  But hell, why can't people do the right thing?  And this isn't open to discussion about whether it's right or wrong--IT'S WRONG TO LITTER.  I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.  Would you say something?
  I could also write about dog-walkers who don't carry plastic bags to clean up after their animals, but that's just so obvious.
  I hope everyone who sees someone dropping papers and bottles on the ground will say something.  We need an awareness campaign that starts with parents teaching their kids to use garbage cans (instead of expecting Mom to pick up after them).   And each of us has to clean up after ourselves as well.
  I'm impressed with Matthew for working to keeping El Granada clean.  It's just too bad he has to...

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  1. Wow, Patt, I'm so happy and surprised that you wrote this. And a little embarrassed that i did not know you better. Happy because it has been one of my (and Patricia') pet peeves, and I am happy other people (especially someone I know) feels this way too. Surprised because I never thought you to be so passionate about the world outside yourself, and embarrassed that I did not know you better. Also happy that I have seen this new side of you. First time I've posted to a blog other tha FB.
    - long time colleague who had kids keep our campus clean, Joe B.