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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sorrento--think Lemoncello everywhere....

 We arrived yesterday after searching out our hotel--another lost story, which seems to be the theme of this trip.  Okay, I've never said I have a sense of direction, nor do I say oh, I can read a map in any language, but give me a break when the map has no or few street signs and the streets aren't marked with any signs either!  Plus, when you do finally find a street name, it changes in the next block to something else you don't see on your map. 
 So we're lost in Sorrento which is crawling with tourists, end up driving down towards the wharf area trying to find the information office, which we passed but didn't notice and which turned out to be closed anyway.... and end up on this narrow, one-way circular drive that's for taxis only.  One of the many drivers who are standing around blocking our way of getting through comes to the car and very politely tells us we can't be we ask how are we supposed to get out since the road is blocked with taxis on 2 sides and the drivers standing in the way between the cars.  They did finally move and even visually guided us through. 
 Anyway, we finally found a sign that said Hotel Prestige, so we started following the large hotel signs...though at one point we couldn't believe it could be higher up this mountain and we must have missed it.  I jumped out at one hotel point and ran in to ask where ours was, and she said keep going uphill for another 5 k.  Sheesh.....we finally found it at the crest of the mountain!  It does have a spectacular view...check out ...  When it's clear, we can see Mt. Vesuvius from our balcony.  Okay, it hasn't been perfectly clear yet, and it did rain some today and a lot last night...but maybe it will be clear tomorrow. 
  The hotel itself is lovely, the room is very nice and doesn't have that musty cave smell ( I loved the view from the cave hotel, but I did feel a little mushroomy after sleeping there), and the view is spectacular.  It is about 20 min or so uphill from the main town, but they do have a shuttle if you don't want to drive.
  We drove into town today since we had reservations for the cooking class tonight in town and wanted to spend time back here beforehand, so didn't want to be at the mercy of the shuttle times.  We shopped around a little downtown, then got lost returning, so didn't have much time to rest.
 Tonight we went to a villa down the hill for a Napolitan cooking class.  There were 3 couples--one young Asian couple from Montreal, about 30, and a couple from New Jersey in their 40's.  Then we skip a whole decade and get to us.  The teachers run an inn out of their family home, which is lovely.. They've only been doing this since April--She's an Aussie and he's Italian.  The recipes they use are from his mother.  We made ravioli from scratch, antipasta of zucchini parmesana, and tirimisu for dessert.  I have pictures and will get some up tomorrow if time allows. 
 Time to read a little before sleep...last day here tomorrow.  Thanks for reading the blog--I love knowing Edelle reads 'me' with her morning coffee.  I'm so much more fun than that old newspaper....

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