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Sunday, March 4, 2012

More about knitting and Stitches West

More fingerless fancies....worked on a turquoise set during Stitches when I had time to knit.

Stitches West 2012:   I managed to write the first night, then not at all after that.  The little netbook is good for travel, but it's hard to type on it, plus I didn't leave myself that much computer time--go figure.  Actually, I gave myself more down-time this year and enjoyed having a room by myself to escape to once in awhile.  

 After arriving and checking in, we sat downstairs and waited for the market preview to open.  I'm posting out of order since I already showed us after the 3-hour feeding frenzy, but this is Edelle, Harriet, and Donna from Santa Fe sitting near the door to the market.  I guess we don't look very involved with each other here, do we?  I haven't seen them in a year, but they see each other often.
On Saturday, I met up with Tina and Michele as soon as the doors opened.  I'm so glad we got to shop together since we were all on the same wave length about what we wanted to see and how to share time together--and even when to stop and eat lunch!  Michele and I bought the same pattern/kit last year in different colorways, and she's now started it, so I'll see how difficult it is and let her teach me...  I know she'll love that.  This year, we had the most fun at Miss Babs buying yarn for another shawl pattern we'll share.  Does that sound like we're making one shawl together and sharing it?  Nope...bought two different colorways of yarn again and will knit the same pattern.  We're friends, but not about to share clothes!
  Leann went to the pajama party and came to model her adorable (daughter's) jammies.  I decided not to go, even though I'd brought mine and even a robe.  I wasn't sleeping that well and I just wasn't in the right frame of mind to go.  

   We took a class from Lorna Miser called Meets in the Middle.  She designed a sweater pattern and taught the gist of how to make it, giving us a 'recipe' for it, but couldn't give us the pattern because she has sold it to a yarn company.  Every year since meeting at Stitches, Edelle and I have shared one class, and now Harriet is also in that class with us.  Last year they chose a class with a designer who wasn't a terrific teacher and moved fast through the lesson, so Harriet who could keep up, ended up teaching us as we went along.  I found that discouraging since the classes are pricey and the teacher should be giving us some attention.  
 This year, Edelle and Harriet wanted to take Lorna's class, and I agreed since I liked the pattern.  I already had yarn I thought would work, so have started knitting it.  Good thing, since I really didn't get motivated to buy anything else when I was in the market after the class, and I have enough yarn at home to find something for any project.  I didn't end up buying the pattern because I'm pretty sure I can figure it out myself.  
  They have daily door prizes for the market attendees, and I won these odd-looking yarn cozies.  They seriously look like underpants!  On the one hand, they're silly as hell, but in reality, when I have to wind my Tess ribbon yarn by hand, these will be perfect for keeping them from unraveling and snarling.  
 I'm wearing my Jane Thornley KAL vest in this picture, which is what I ended up wearing to the student banquet that night.  I had planned on wearing my 9'4" shawl that became a wrap, but again, I wasn't feel it.  I told Rick I didn't want to be the comic relief two years in a row, but after being there, I'm sorry I didn't bring it too.  Just today, I found 4 messages in my inbox on ravelry from someone I met at Stitches and a friend of hers who asked if she knows the woman who wore that vest in the show because thought it was "lovely" and wanted to know more about it.  I'll be adding it to my ravelry projects later today since now I'm motivated.
  Another thing I enjoyed all weekend was visiting the Serendipity booth to see friends demonstrating spinning.  This is Charlotte and Char (I know, you two sound like a dance team) showing people how to spin and Char happens to be showing Mary, who's a knitting friend from the coast.   I was fortunate enough to also run into Laura there, who was shopping, and since I'd lost the people I was with earlier, she and I had a great time hanging out and shopping together.  I think the lesson learned was trying to hang with too many other people doesn't work--better with just one or two people.  
    This could be a test--can you name the owner?  I also have a full-length shot, but sort of promised not to use it.  Well, actually what I promised was not to post it on Facebook like I did a few years ago.  Seriously, Rick, not many men can get away with wearing these pants, but you do pull it off.
   I messed around with my camera at the fashion show and couldn't get a good picture the next day in the market of Andrea at her booth for Amazing Yarns.  I'm adding the blurry shots anyway since it sort of goes with how the market is---a huge blur of colors, textures, noises, people...  
 and the most beautiful yarns all together in one place!


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