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Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'll Take Appetizers for $100, Alex.

 Spending 10 days on the Big Island in Hawaii...a wedding at a chi-chi hotel in Kona, then a cottage that's off the grid in Ninole, near Hilo.   I'm not going to spend my time or yours taking and making you look at food least not too much.  I did take our first meal 
because it was on Hawaiian Airlines--frittata, rice, sausages, fruit, nuts and things, drinks in real glasses, and a warm chocolate pudding cake with whipped cream for dessert.  Unfortunately, it sounds better than it tastes--pretty bland.  But good for me because I didn't have to eat it all.  Did eat all the cake, however.  That was the best.  
We have rarely flown first-class, but life's short 
and flights are long.
We got the smallest reddest, they say it's not a sub-compact, but it is, car to drive all over this island.
I feel like we're in Europe, but there, most of the cars are this size so if you get in an accident, it's evenly matched.   At least the air-conditioning works.
 The hotel is gorgeous--called the Mauna Lani.  It's a huge complex of shops, golf course with Japanese restaurant, condos, expensive homes, and this huge hotel.  Our room is very nice with a view of the pool and the ocean beyond.  Just below us is one of their many connected ponds that are filled with fish and turtles and even a shark or two.
View from our room:
 On vaca....time for that $14 drink!
Lime Squeeze-- Coconut rum ǀ coconut cream ǀ lemon juice ǀ rock candy ǀ syrup ǀ fresh lime (yum!)

 Their version of Caesar salad:  everything is served in these bamboo steam baskets--probably so your food doesn't fly away with the wind...
 See?  no food.  This was the hugest sushi rainbow roll.  We also shared poke and a huge order of fries, so we rolled back to our room.
The restaurant is outside, so we watched the sunset, then sat in the evening breeze...okay, wind...and ate our appetizer dinner.

 One of the ponds with their fish and turtles.  The 4 turtles that live here are endangered green sea turtles that were born on Oahu and allowed to live in the ponds here to propagate their growth and development, then they're put into the wild.

  Today we drove to the other side of Kona and continued on because we were sort of lost.  It was fun to see the island and area, the found Donkey Balls.  We had to go in after seeing the name.  Our tourist mag said if we spend $15, we'd get a free tote. So we bought Kona coffee and Goat Balls.
Look!  A new knitting bag to go with my Ball Sack!  

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